The Harvest horse – Dalahorse from the 1930ies
Unique Dalahorse in our collection in Nusnäs
It is surprising how rich the history is around the Dalhorse.
The horse on the photo nearby, we recently bought from a Dalahorse collector.
The horse is painted by Rytter Johannes Olsson in the 1930ies.

The history tells that people close to the harvest season put ripe ears of grain in the back of the horse and placed it on the table.
A reminder from a time when most people lived closer to earth and grew their own food.
Also a time of gratitude and joy, when times were good and the barn was filled before the cold winter.
The glass painting behind the horse shows this: ”Our daily bread …"
Gratitude to eat his fill and to lead a simple life, even if it was a lot of work.

Allt this the Harvest horse tells us, if we listen carefully…